As the weather starts to improve, there’s nothing better than getting out and about on your Electric Scooter.

It’s a great way to get around, whether you are weaving through traffic on your way to work, joyriding and having fun with friends and family at weekends, or merely zipping through the streets enjoying the sites and sounds.

Riding your electric scooter can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re not prepared with all the proper gear or accessories. So with that in mind, we compiled this list of what we think are the ten most incredibly useful Electric Scooter accessories for you to buy and use.

Everything on the list is to either help keep you safe or enhance your riding experience. All the suggestions are ‘tool-free’ when it comes to fitting them.

So if you are not sure which accessories to choose or want something that might inspire you before your next ride, this list is for you.

Electric Scooter Accessories


We’re going to kick off the list with what we think is the number one priority for all riders, and that’s a Helmet. Now we all know that any discussion about helmets can get very emotional, and everyone has an opinion about wearing one.

But here’s our thinking, it only takes a second for an errant pedestrian to walk out in front of you. A car door to open suddenly or there’s a pothole or a crack in the pavement that you didn’t see, and before you know it, you’re face planting, and the next words you’ll hear is somebody saying either “I didn’t see you or are you all right.”

Guys, it is a fact, wearing a helmet does help to reduce the risk of any head injuries during an accident, so buying and wearing a quality helmet does seem to make an awful lot of sense to us.

There are considerable choices of retro, classic and hi-tech helmets to choose from, including unique folding helmets, helmets fitted with lights, and with speakers. They come in a host of colors and finishes, so you can still look cool when you’re on your ride.

Just remember that when it comes to maintaining its effectiveness, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when purchasing a helmet. Always make sure that it fits comfortably on your head, and doesn’t rock from side to side when you’re out and about.

Also, when you buy your helmet, don’t forget to buy a storage bag so you can protect your helmet and keep it clean when you’re not using it.


Like wearing a quality helmet, fitting, a good set of front and rear LED lights to your Electric Scooter will go a long way to keeping you safe in the dark. Lights serve two purposes; they let you see where you’re going, helping you to avoid any obstructions like damaged pavements or road debris, and equally, as essential lights help everyone to see you.

For ease of use, most LED lights have quick release fittings – so you can use them as a flashlight and are rechargeable via a standard power socket or USB port, so there’s need to worry about carrying replacement batteries with you.

Remember a good set of LED lights not only heightens your night time riding experience it also allows other road users and pedestrians to see you, as well as for you to see them.


We’re sticking with rider safety for the next accessory on our list, and that is the all-important cycle Bell. The reason for suggesting a bell is that an Electric Scooter effectively runs silently, meaning it’s just not loud enough to let others notice you, especially if you’re on or by a noisy road or someone is in a vehicle.

So make sure when you buy your Bell, the sound quality is crisp and loud, but without being deafening after all, you want to let people know you are coming not to frighten them to death.

For safety’s sake, we suggest you install the type of Bell that sits on the handlebars right next to your thumb so you can use it easily without taking your hands off the handlebars or eyes off the road.


The next thing on our list is a Mobile Phone Holder, and while this might be an obvious accessory choice, ask yourself this. How many times have you been out riding, and your phone has gone off?

Leaving you with two choices, you either try holding onto the handlebars with one hand while you rummage through your pockets or you have to stop and search through your bag – in both cases, you can bet that by the time you’ve found your phone it has stopped ringing.

But by installing a phone holder, you can easily stay in touch with friends and family, check at a glance to see if you’re going in the right direction, or listen to your favorite tracks all while you continue to enjoy your ride.

There is a whole choice of really excellent quality phone holders available that are all easy to fit onto the handlebars. We particularly liked those versions made from durable silicone rubber bands as these fit any size of a phone and hold the phone in place nice and securely. They also have a 360-degree movement that lets you take pictures or videos as you ride.

On the mobile phone front, just a little tip – perhaps you might want to think about not taking selfies when you’re riding!!


Because we’re always busy and on the move doing stuff like going out, going to the shops, to school, work, or the gym, there’s always loads of things that we need to carry – everything from our phone charger, to a bottle of water to our laptop. So what do you do?

Well, you can either stick everything in a plastic shopping bag and hang it off the handlebars hoping nothing gets damaged, as it swings about or crashes against the stem of the scooter.

Or you can do one of two things either invest in a Plastic Carry Hook that easily screws on the scooter stem – if nothing else, this will make steering a little easier as at least everything is balanced. Or you can buy a hard shell Front-Facing Storage Bag that attaches to the handlebars and the stem with easy to fix Velcro straps.

Either one of these choices will make your life a great deal easier. However, of the two suggestions, we much preferred the storage bag because it does look incredibly stylish, you can carry more things in it, and you can use it as a shoulder bag. But also with the ‘Hard Shell’ versions, you know everything is going to stay safe should the worst ever happen.


Unfortunately, because of the world we live in, we probably all know somebody who has had their ride stolen or know of an instance where somebody has tried to steal their scooter. So we thought it was absolutely essential that we add a Scooter Lock to our list of ten useful accessories.

We appreciate that, like everything else on our accessory list, there is a vast selection of locks available all at different prices from very expensive to downright cheap. But our advice would be that when it comes to buying a lock, never compromise on quality.

A good quality lock is going to be a little on the expensive side but well worth the money. To give you an idea of what you should pay for a lock, some experts go so far as to advise that you spend at least 10% of your E-scooters price on a lock to protect it.

Ideally, it would help if you looked for a combination of a heavy-duty U Lock with double loop steel flex cable. This way, not only can you secure the back or front wheel to stop your scooter being ridden off, but you can also attach it via the flex cable to something sturdy like a bike railing or a post. This ensures it cannot be picked up and carried off.

Our thinking always works on the theory that the sturdier the lock, the less chance you have of having your ride touched or stolen.


If you’re like me, trying to get in the office lift first thing in the morning with your scooter is an absolute nightmare. You can hear people tutting under their breaths as they physically move to the back of the lift the moment the doors open.

So in an attempt to keep everyone happy, I now choose to haul it up to three flights of stairs. This in itself is not really an issue if I didn’t have my laptop bag and my work bag to carry. So, as a result of this, I invested in a Carrying Strap. And because it’s so useful, I thought the strap should make our accessory list.

The carry strap comes with a padded shoulder pad. It has high strength load-bearing hooks that will take up to 35KG. It also is easy to adjust the length to make carrying the scooter a much more comfortable experience, particularly when compared to the enormous canvas carry bags that you can buy.


This accessory on our list comes from a little out of the left field. We added it to the list because so many people have mentioned to us that this was a real issue for them and so we thought it would be a useful addition to the list.

For a lot of riders, they find that after some time, there is a strange noise and sometimes a wobbling sensation coming from around the folding neck mechanism of their scooter. This makes riding uncomfortable, particularly if you are continuously traveling over rough surfaces.

So in an attempt to stop this effect and to save you the possibility of having to replace parts or it becoming a safety issue, the solution is to insert a rubber damper into the mechanism. The damper cushions the impact and improves the overall riding experience.

If you have a similar experience, then there are a couple of things you need to consider when you’re inserting the damper. You might want to use some low impact adhesive to hold the damper in place as they can move around during riding, or you could end up losing them as they can often pop out when you fold your scooter down.

These dampers do come in different thicknesses and shapes. So you might need to consult either with your user guide or your local electric scooter retailer to check that you have the right size before you start to fit the damper.

Also, when you are tightening the neck mechanism bolt, don’t over tighten it, as you might not get the neck lock in place solidly and adequately secure.


electric scooter accessories

Lastly, we think one of the best accessories you can buy for your electric scooter is a cleaning kit. Even in good weather, there is still a chance of it raining, and your ride can get caked in dried muck and grime that is hard to clean off, or there’s dust that can get into everything. A good cleaning kit will go a long way to easing this task.

Final Word

So that’s the end of our list of what we think are ten incredibly useful electric scooter accessories. To compile this list, we looked at a considerable number of different accessories across a range of prices and quality. From this, we were able to compile a list that we hope you found useful.

There are some things on the list that you might not have thought about fitting. So now you know what to buy before you next go out on a ride with family and friends or if you want to go out and conquer the road ahead.

There are some items on the list like a helmet and a high-quality lock that are so essential that you would buy without even thinking about them.

In the meantime, take care and ride safely.

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