Whenever you ride a modern electric scooter, one of the first things you will realize is how fast it is. These days, scooters can have top speeds topping 40 MPH.

While that’s good for whizzing around on your morning commute with your scooter, higher speeds do present some challenges.

Safety is one of them. Every time you use an electric scooter, you should always wear a helmet, it could literally save your life.

While there are some independent guidelines for electric scooter helmets, there are no recognized manufacturing standards or regulations.

In the following guide, you can read about the best electric scooter helmets currently available and learn about helmet safety when riding a scooter.

Why Do I Need an Electric Scooter Helmet?

Scooter helmets are protective headgear that keeps your skull and brain protected if you fall off your electric scooter. It’s good that modern electric scooters for adults can reach high speeds, but traveling at 20 MPH or more has some inherent risks, such as other road users and pedestrians. That’s why wearing a helmet is essential when riding an electric scooter.


No Strict Regulations

It is worth noting that not all helmets are the same and there are no standards in place to define what an electric scooter helmet should be. Instead, traditional helmets from other modes of transport are accepted as adequate alternatives for electric scooters.


What We Suggest

Our recommended guidelines for which helmet to wear are below:

You’re probably wondering how to assess the risk factor in a riding situation to decide what helmet is right to use. There are some things you should consider:

  • Is the weather poor, such as rain or ice?
  • Are you riding your electric scooter during the night or other low-visibility situations?
  • Will you be going at or near-maximum speed for extended periods?
  • Do you expect to be riding on roads with lots of traffic?


What type of helmet for electric scooters?

When riding at a speed under 20 mph and in a low-risk situation, a bicycle helmet that meets certified standards is good enough. These speeds are regularly achieved on a bicycle and helmets provide appropriate protection. As you increase through speeds up towards 40 mph, the helmet you need to protect you will become more robust.

The following helmets can be used when riding an electric scooter:

  • Bicycle
  • Downhill
  • E-bike
  • Motorcycle


It’s easy to decide the level of protection you need by following this quick guide:

Speeds 20 mph or under: Bicycle Helmet or Downhill Helmet

Speeds of 20 mph or over: e-Bike Helmet or Motorcycle Helmet


Best Electric Scooter Helmets

Tripe Eight 3038 Dual Certified Helmet

electric scooter helmets

As the name suggests, the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet comes with dual certification. In this case, CPSC Bike and ASTM Skate certification, making it a versatile electric scooter helmet. One of the best things about the 3038 is you don’t have to trade style for comfort or functionality. This is a stylish helmet that will allow you to look good while being safe on the street. Triple Eight has focused on making the helmet as comfortable as possible, even if you’re wearing it for a long time. There are two sets of moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Fit Pads that allow you to customize the fit perfectly. It is worth noting the pads can be removed. Furthermore, the adjustable chin strap is easy to use through the side buckle.


  • Moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Fit Pads for added comfort.
  • ABS Outer Shell provides increased impact protection.
  • EPS liner.
  • Black rubber shell gives a stylish sporty look.
Pros Cons
●        Sleek looks

●        Versatile

●        CPSC Bike & ASTM certified

●        Comfortable

●        A little pricey compared to others


Flybar Multisport

While it is a bicycle helmet, the Flybar Multisport is used for high-octane sports and provides robust protection. It features an ABS outer shell to ensure it can take heavy impacts. It’s comfortable too, thanks to its EPS foam liner providing cushioning. The soft foam has been extended to the inserts, allowing the Flybar Multisport to sit snuggly on the head. Perhaps the best thing about this helmet is it combines high-level protection with affordability. With an ABS outer shell, the Flybar helmet will handle impacts at low to mid speeds and meets CPSC & ASTM Safety Certified standards.


  • Available in 3 different sizes.
  • Impact protection from ABS outer shell.
  • Comfortable padded chin strap that’s easy to adjust.
  • Get your style right with 7 color options.
  • An adjustable fit dial on the rear.
  • Airflow management through 12 vents.
Pros Cons
CPSC & ASTM certified



Design is sport-focused and almost military-styled. Doesn’t look the part for commuting to the office.


Bell Custom 500 Open Face

A bona fide classic, the Bell Custom 500 Open Face will be recognizable to even those without an interest in motorbikes. It is an iconic helmet shape that was first introduced way back in the 1950s and has endured over the decades since. With the Bell Custom 500, you have a helmet that protects you if you are traveling at high speeds on an electric scooter.

This full motorcycle helmet is constructed of fiberglass and is extremely durable. That fiberglass composite shell because the helmet can handle impacts up to full motorbike speeds, so is more than enough for an electric scooter. Bell has added a multi-density EPS liner that adds some silky comfort but also absorbs impacts. That inner is also anti-bacterial to ensure longevity.



  • Low-Profile Fiberglass Composite Shell.
  • Anti-bacterial interior for hygiene and longevity.
  • Multi-Density EPS liner that is better at absorbing impacts.
  • Integrated 5 snap pattern for aftermarket shields and visors.
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard.
Pros Cons
●        Full motorcycle helmet protection

●        Classic and iconic style

●        Complete upper head protection

●        Comfortable

●        Many designs available

●        Too much protection for low speed electric scooters.

●        Expensive


Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet

Most people value three things about an electric scooter helmet: safety, good looks, and a low profile. When it comes to checking all three boxes, the Thousand Adult Anti-Theft is a helmet that does it all right. It looks amazing thanks to its vintage minimalist aesthetics, while it sits elegantly on the head with a low profile.

However, it does not compromise on safety with its CPSC and EN1078 certification. With the built-in low-profile visor, you can protect your eyes at higher speeds. The helmet is also intelligently vented, with 7 airholes that allow air to channel internally and keep your head cool. Thanks to an ingenious magnetic fastener the strap is easy to adjust and take off.


  • Meets European and North American safety standards for bicycle and skateboard helmets.
  • Integrated dial fit system for a precise fit and easy use.
  • Pop-Lock with Anti-Theft Guarantee to keep your helmet safe.
  • Magnetic buckle allows for simply adjustments.
  • 7 vents with internal channeling to keep the head cool.
Pros Cons
●        Excellent design

●        Minimalist and low profile

●        Perfect for city use

●        Anti-Theft guarantee

●        Pricey


Mokfire Bike Helmet

As mentioned, if you are buying an electric scooter with a top speed of 20 mph or lower, a regular bicycle helmet is enough protection. One of the best bike helmets that offer a combo of protection, style, and affordability is the Mokfire Bike Helmet. Sleek, extremely lightweight, and comfortable, the Mokfire is interesting because it is a bicycle helmet that looks good on your office commute. With durable ABS plastic across the shell, the helmet will also keep you protected in low-speed situations. One of the obvious reasons to choose a classic bicycle helmet is venting. In this regard, the Mokfire is better than most, with recessed channels that efficiently push air over the helmet and onto the head. Cool air is brought into the front and helps to reduce sweating and overheating.


  • EPS foam liner provides more layered cushioning during impact.
  • ABS plastic shell for hardened protection at low speeds.
  • Removable inner liner makes the Mokfire inner easy to clean.
  • Dial adjustment system to fit most heads.
  • Complies with CPSC Bike and CE.EN1078 safety standards.
Pros Cons
●        Lightweight

●        Sleek commuter aesthetics

●        Innovative dial adjustment for universal fit

●        Won’t be enough protection for electric scooters with a top speed over 20 mph


ILM Off Road Dual-Sport

For an affordable full-face helmet, the ILM Off Road Dual-Sport has plenty of benefits. Firstly, it was developed for extreme sports, which means it will stand up to even the nastiest of falls off the fastest adult electric scooters. If you want complete protection over all other attributes, this could be the helmet for you.

Ventilation is of great importance when using a full face helmet. With the ILM, your head will be kept chilled through an aerodynamic air intake system that allows hot air to be pushed out and cool air to be brought in. Sure, it has an extreme sports style that reflects its ATV, mountain bike, and dirt bike heritage, and won’t appeal to everyone. Design is subjective, but safety is not.


  • Meets or exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards.
  • Dual Visors provide visual versatility comparable with an open face helmet.
  • Top liner and ear pads are detachable and washable.
  • ABS shell provides impact protection even at high speeds.
Pros Cons
●        Keeps elements out with full-face coverage

●        Made for extreme sports

●        Very durable

●        The design is not ideal in some situations


Yellow Jacket Certified Skateboard Helmet 

The Yellow Jacket helmet is a lightweight skateboard helmet that makes an excellent alternative for low to mid-speed electric scooters. It gets all the safety features you’d expect, such as compliance with ASTM F-1492-08 and CPSC-1203 safety standards. It looks good with its matte color options and is also one of the most affordable helmets that still delivers quality.


You should remember this is a skateboard helmet, which makes it unsuitable for high-speed electric scooters. Still, at low speeds the durable PVC outer and soft EPS foam liner help to handle and absorb impacts during falls. That EPS foam also provides an added touch of comfort and is rated breathable. Along with the venting system, the breathable inner allows the Yellow Jacket to manage airflow well.



  • Impact resistance from PVC outer and EPS foam liner.
  • Six vents for air circulation.
  • Breathable liner for added climate management.
  • Fully adjustable straps provide easy fit.
Pros Cons
●        Affordable

●        Slick design

●        Full safety compliance

●        Lacks the quality control of more expensive models


Electric Scooter Helmet Buying Guide

While the electric scooter for kids and the adult market is growing, it remains relatively nascent in comparison to other modes of transport. There are currently no specific helmets designs specifically for electric scooters. In fact, we may never see any exclusive helmets considering bicycle, skateboarding, and motorbike helmets already do a good job.

Below are some things you should know before buying an electric scooter helmet.


Not all electric scooter helmets are created equal. In fact, some helmets won’t offer the same level of protection as others. That’s because some manufacturers build helmets that are designed with aesthetics in mind and not safety. Needless to say, you should look for a helmet that meets your visual requirements while protecting your head up to regulatory scooter safety standards.

In terms of safety, you should be looking for a helmet that is constructed from ABS, Polycarbonate, EPS, and thermoplastic alloy.

The latter is typically found on the most affordable helmets and provides safety alongside value for money. ABS and Polycarbonate are the most popular materials and used on the widest selection of electric scooter helmets. They meet safety standards for impact and are also fire resistant.

Finally, EPS (expanded polystyrene liner) is also increasingly popular and is usually used by manufacturers wanting to combine safety with a lightweight product.

Helmet Weight

And that leads directly to helmet weight. There are several factors you need to consider when thinking about weight. If you are traveling long distances on an electric scooter, you may be better off with a light helmet. This will mean there is less strain on your neck as you ride. However, you must also consider your speed and buy a helmet that also protects you if you fall off your ride.

Full Face or Open Face?

This is perhaps the million-dollar question amongst electric scooter riders. Here’s what you need to know about full face and open face helmets.

Open Face Helmets: Open helmets are usually more affordable and lightweight. As you can maybe guess, these helmets protect the top, sides, and back of your head but your face will be exposed. They are ideal for lower speeds and do have some major benefits, such as being able to enjoy greater visibility and not to feel restricted.

They are not so cool if you fall face first, are riding head-on into driving wind, or have a bug that decided it wants to end its life by squashing itself on your cheek.

Full Face Helmets: A full-face helmet will protect all areas of your head, including your face. That said, not all full-face helmets have full protection on the face and the front coverage is more to keep out elements than it is to protect you. If you’re on a longer journey, then a full-face helmet is a good choice because it will put a barrier between you and the weather.

If your electric scooter reaches high top speeds, these helmets are usually the go-to choice. Although, you will have to make a compromise as full-face helmets are not usually light and are never compact.


Whether you choose one of the helmets above or opt for another, the most important thing to know is that investing in a helmet is a wise move. Doing so will help you stay safe when riding your electric scooter.


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