Best Electric Scooters with Seats in 2020: Detachable Seats, Ultra-fast Speed, and Modern Designs

Electric scooters are fun and convenient.

But there is a way to amp up the comfort.

Get an electric scooter with a seat and you will be amazed at how comfortable they can be.

No, it won’t spoil the design. Many electric scooters, like the Nanrobots, look sporty even with a seat attached.

In fact, riding an electric scooter at high speeds is easier when seated.

Therefore, we have curated a list of the best of the best electric scooters with seats that provide comfort and performance.

But before you see our top picks, do you know what to look for in an electric scooter with a seat?

What to Look for in An Electric Scooter with Seat


Electric scooters come with two types of batteries: Lead acid and Lithium-Ion. Lithium-ion batteries are much better in durability and how fast they drain power as compared to lead acid batteries.

You should also check the battery charging time and whether the company provides a built-in charger, dual charging port or smart battery management system.


Electric scooters with seats come in various styles. You can choose a vintage look with the Razor Pocket Mod Euro or go for a sporty and modern look with the Nanrobot series. You should also check for flexibility in the design, whether the handlebar is height-adjustable, whether there is something like a kickplate on the rear fender to carry the scooter and whether there is a place to put a U-lock.

Weight Capacity

Not all scooters are meant for your weight. Some are made for kids and can only carry up to 120 lbs. Others are built like a tank and can carry up to 330 lbs. Adult scooters generally have a capacity of 220 lbs and up.


Electric scooters with seats aren’t meant to be average. In fact, quite the opposite. Cruising on high speeds when you are seated is more comfortable than when you’re not.

Locking System

An electric scooter doesn’t come for peanuts. It costs a significant sum of money, so you need to make sure that the scooter has an efficient locking mechanism. For example, the Nanrobot D5+ comes with two key fobs and a safety alarm that sets off loudly if the scooter is moved or disturbed.

1. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

electric scooters with seats

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooters is the highest rated electric scooter with a seat on the web. It comes with a range of attractive features that make it worthy of the top spot on our list. It is unique even at first look since it has a removable luggage rack and basket attached to it. This is great for a quick trip to the grocery store without having to drive your car.

It has a 500-watt motor that produces high levels of torque and supplies enough power to take it to a top speed of 18 miles per hour. However, the motor is chain-driven like it is in most Razor scooters, which means it will need maintenance from time to time.

It has three 12V lead-acid batteries under the bamboo deck. The batteries keep the wheels turning for 40 minutes at a stretch. If you are wondering how much range it provides, the EcoSmart will give you about 10-12 miles maximum according to our tests. The range is somewhat of a letdown for such a quality scooter.

It has disc brakes on the rear wheel, which you can control from the handlebar. We like that Razor provides disc brakes in the affordable segment. It makes the deal even sweeter.

Another impressive feature is the 16-inch pneumatic tires on this electric scooter. They not only make it comfortable on uneven roads but also increase its visibility to pedestrians and car drivers.

No matter what your height is, you will feel comfortable on this scooter. It has a height-adjustable seat that has enough padding for your comfort. It has twist-grip acceleration control that provides plenty of power in your grip. It can carry a maximum weight of 220 lbs. The seat is so comfortable that even elders can use this scooter without any problem.

The on/off switch and charging ports are located quite low on the scooter. They are uncomfortable to reach, so this could be improved.

Razor provides 3-months limited warranty on this scooter. You can check the warranty details on Razor’s official website.


  • Bestseller and top-rated electric scooter with seat
  • The seat is utmost comfortable
  • The bamboo deck feels nice
  • Disc brakes provide safety
  • Removable luggage rack and basket
  • Large 16” tires absorb bumps and increase road visibility
  • Easy to use


  • On/off switch is placed too low
  • Battery level indicator isn’t helpful
  • Heavy at 67 lbs of weight, very hard to carry
  • Below average range
  • No front brakes
  • No lights on front/rear

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2. Nanrobot X4 Electric Scooter

Nanrobot X4 is among the best electric scooters available in the market. Not only it comes with a comfortable seat, but it also has a long-range for people who love to explore the city or don’t want to charge their scooters every day. It is built for powerful performance with a 500-watt motor that propels it to a top speed of 20 miles per hour. You will be happy to know that many reviews indicate the X4 can go up to 30-35 mph despite the advertised 20mph speed.

The battery is Lithium, which is far better than the lead-acid batteries you see on Razor scooters. The battery is 10.4 Ah and provides a decent range of 25 miles, one of the best ranges in this list. You can charge the battery relatively fast, within just 4 to 6 hours. Many electric scooters take 8-12 hours to charge, so this is a big relief.

What we wanted in the Razor EcoSmart Electric Scooter is provided in the Nanrobot X4. It has LED lights on both the front and rear. Bright lights light the road ahead of you when you ride at night and the rear lights alert car drivers that there is a scooterist ahead of them. The X4 also has a feature you won’t see in ordinary scooters – a suspension to smoothen out your rides. Nanrobot X4 comes with a front wheel suspension, that is spring-based, to absorb shocks on uneven roads.

There is a large 8-inch solid tire on the rear and a pneumatic tire on the front. If you are thinking the solid tire will be bumpy, don’t worry. The suspension more than makes up for it. The handlebar also has an LCD display so that you can always see your ride data. You can check current speed, battery life and speed mode from the display. What we would have liked to see on the x4 is cruise control, because without it you will have throttle fatigue over long distances.


  • Long range of 25 miles
  • Powerful 500-watt motor
  • High top speed of 20mph, goes more than advertised
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • Front spring suspension and large pneumatic tire, say bye to bumps
  • The LCD display shows ride stats
  • Quick folding mechanism
  • Multiple speed modes
  • Good customer service


  • The rear tire is solids
  • No cruise control even when the range is long
  • 41 lbs of weight aren’t as light as you’d expect
  • Brakes may need some adjusting

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3. Razor E300S Electric Scooter

Razor E300S electric scooter is a seated version of the E300. It is a solid option for both teenagers and adults because of its high-quality features. The seat stem has a curvy design that makes the E300s scooter look sleek. The E300s is available in two variants: sweet pea in pink and matte gray in grey.

The seat is comfortable, but if you want to ride without the seat for some change, it is removable as well. The chain-driven motor works efficiently to propel the scooter to a top speed of 15 miles per hour, which is decent for daily commuters. This scooter is certainly not meant for young kids, as this kind of speed can put them in danger. The motor is chain driven, so get ready to spend some time on its maintenance but the good thing is that it is quiet.

Twist grip throttle is handy and provides quick acceleration due to high torque. Although range depends on various factors including weather, road condition and weight, the ride time on a full charge is 40 minutes in optimum conditions. The battery takes 8 to 12 hours to charge, which is almost double of the X4’s charging time. But X4 also costs almost double of E300s.

What we like in the E300s are its 10-inch pneumatic tires. 10-inch is really a step up from the regular 8-inch tires that most scooters have. Because tires are pneumatic (air-filled), they absorb shocks well. This is a USP that makes the E300s one of a kind.

You will be glad to know that once it is time to replace the batteries, you can get new ones at around 20 dollars per unit. However, keeping an extra battery with you is of no use, as the battery doesn’t have a “quick change” option to give you double the range.


  • Seated or standing, both options available
  • Performance and comfort
  • Large 10” pneumatic tires
  • Stylish design
  • Sturdy
  • 90 days warranty
  • Batteries can be replaced for 20 bucks when they wear out
  • Good customer service
  • Assembly is easy


  • Chain-driven motors need constant maintenance
  • Pneumatic tires absorb shocks but there is a risk of flats
  • Pneumatic tires need inflation
  • The charger has light indicators but they don’t work properly
  • Can’t go uphills

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4. Nanrobot D4+ 2.0 with seat

Although an electric scooter with a seat makes you feel comfortable, the Nanrobot D4+ 2.0 will always keep you “on the edge” because of its enormous power. It has two 1000-watt motors that produce insane levels of torque and allow you to zoom up to a speed of 40 miles per hour. That is double the speed of Razor scooters. It doesn’t hesitate even one bit going uphills. It is made to take every challenge you throw its way. The D4+ has an all wheel drive for best traction and control.

The battery is massive at 23 Ah and keeps it running for a total range of 45 miles. The range is also double the range average scooters provide. But the powerful battery does take its toll on the scooter. It weighs a staggering 77 lbs, meaning you can’t lift it up or carry it unless you are physically very strong. There is no way on earth you can carry it while you roam around in the market. The charging time is long at 10 to 12 hours. However, the Nanrobot D4+ has two charging sockets to cut the charging time in half.

The D4+ also has a bright headlight to make night rides safe and comfortable. Although it is heavy, it is still portable since you can fold it within seconds with the release lever. The D4+ is as aggressive as electric scooters can be, but it is still easy to use. You can adjust the handlebar height as per your preference. The rides are as much packed with comfort as they are with power. The Nanrobot D4+ has five shock absorbers, which is the highest number we have ever seen in an electric scooter.

While most scooters have one or two, Nanrobot decided to push the envelope when it comes to providing a comfortable and almost luxurious ride. But wait, the comfort doesn’t end here. The D4+ has large 10-inch pneumatic tires to absorb bumps on rough roads. As you may already know, the downside to pneumatic tires is that they can go flat and need to be inflated regularly.

The D4+ has high stopping power for the right reasons. It has EBS (anti-lock braking system) and disc brakes on both wheels. So in case of emergency, the D4+ can stop while keeping its stability.


  • Built strong like a tank from aluminum alloy
  • Two 1000-watt motors, all wheel drive
  • Long range and high top speed
  • Folds fast and can be stored easily despite being heavy
  • LCD displays ride stats
  • Five shock absorbers give “Rolls Royce” levels of comfort
  • EBS and disc brakes
  • Large pneumatic tires
  • 330 lbs weight capacity
  • Dual charging sockets for half charging time
  • Key ignition to turn the scooter on


  • Key fob required at this price
  • Weighs 77 lbs
  • Bad horn
  • No cruise mode

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5. NANROBOT D5+ 2.0 Electric Scooter 2000 Watts

Nanrobot D5+ is one of the best high-end electric scooters with a seat you can buy. It has a very edgy design, which is a standard in the Nanrobot brand. It has two 1000-watt motors, one for each wheel. There is a button to switch between single and dual drive.

The uber-powerful motor allows the Nanrobot to catch a top speed of 40 miles per hour. And the massive 26 Ah, 52V battery keeps the wheel turning for a whopping 50 miles on a single charge. For daily commuters with five miles of commute, either way, this means riding for a full workweek of five days on a single charge. Simply amazing. The charging time is 6 to 10 hours.

The seat has to be bought separately but makes the D5+ 2.0 scooter as comfortable as you can imagine. When you don’t want to be fatigued, you can use the seat for comfort. And when you want to have fun, you can remove the seat and ride standing. There is a spring-loaded suspension on the front wheel, although it is rather soft and works well only on small bumps. The rear wheel has an air suspension to provide high levels of comfort. Air suspension replaces coil springs with ‘air springs’.

According to HowStuffWorks, “The air springs are simply tough rubber and plastic bags inflated to a certain pressure and height to mimic the coil springs.”

It has twist-grip acceleration that makes this beast run in no time and a hand-operated brake to provide the right level of stopping power. It has large 10-inch pneumatic tires that smoothen out your ride on rough terrain. When it comes to stopping power, it has disc brakes both in the front and rear, so you can never go wrong when trying to stop the D5+ either in an emergency or during a regular halt.

The scooter weighs 66 lbs, so you can store it but can’t move it through stairs or carry it in public transportation. However, the D5+ folds quickly and locks into place. There is a kickplate on the rear fender that you can use to lift and carry the scooter.

On the handlebar is an LCD that gives your ride data. Alongside it is the trigger throttle. For long rides, the company should have provided cruise control to avoid throttle fatigue. There are brake levers on both sides of the handlebars. The left handlebar side has a key lock ignition which keeps the scooter safe. When it comes to lights, the scooter has front headlights, rear lights, corner deck lights and turn signals. The headlight can be tilted to your preferred setting and is bright enough to provide light at night. However, it is mounted very low and may not be practical for a long commute at night. It is better to add another headlight for safety that is rightly positioned.

The D5+ comes with an alarm system, that if anyone touches the scooter when it is locked, the scooter will set off an ultra-loud alarm. It also has two wireless key fobs.


  • Suspension in both wheels: spring front shocker and rear air suspension
  • 2000 watts of dynamic power
  • High top speed and range
  • The seat can be removed
  • Large pneumatic tires for comfort
  • LCD displays ride stats
  • Front, rear, deck and turn lights
  • The seated option makes riding at high speeds more comfortable
  • Comes with an alarm system for security against intrusion
  • Two key fobs for protection
  • 1-6 months warranty on various parts


  • Front spring shocker is soft, only good for small bumps
  • Heavy, can’t be carried on stairs or public transport
  • Headlight positioned too low
  • Throttle fatigue due to lack of cruise control

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6. Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter 8.5” Solid Tires

Hiboy S2 is one of the better electric scooters with seats in the market. It has a stylish, ‘all black’ sporty look that matches the kind of performance it is capable of. It has a 350-watt brushless motor that pumps enough power to take it to a top speed of 18.6 miles per hour, as advertised. But in our tests, the S2 could reach a decent 16 miles per hour. The good thing is that it has enough acceleration to have fun and it can go uphill without showing any signs of weakness.

It has solid 8.5 inch wheels that may seem like they can’t take hard bumps, but they do. This is really great since solid tires (airless) don’t need maintenance, nor can they go flat like the pneumatic tires. The range of this scooter is decent. In our tests, the Hiboy S2 traveled 12 to 13 miles, even though the company advertises 17 miles range. We would have preferred more accurate data from the company, but the speed and range are still not bad at all.

The Hiboy S2 has dual brakes: eABS anti-lock braking system and disc braking. eABS regenerative braking allows for short braking distance and disc brakes provide stability and power in emergency stopping situations. The digital display shows various ride stats including speed, battery life, and speed mode. The company provides responsive customer service, so your issues will be addressed promptly. The rear wheel has a shock absorber to provide smooth rides even on rough roads.

The seat doesn’t come with the standard version and has to be bought separately. The seat makes the Hiboy S2 a great option for daily commuting. It retains the performance and adds to the comfort.

One major drawback of the Hiboy S2 is that its battery drains faster than you would expect. It is best that you keep it for short commutes of 6-8 miles.


  • 16 miles per hour speed and 12 miles range, as per our tests
  • eABS and disc brakes
  • Rear suspension
  • Large tires
  • Folds easily
  • Value for money
  • Responsive customer service
  • Display for ride stats
  • Climbs hills easily
  • Regenerative battery


  • Top speed and range less than advertised
  • Battery drains fast, the scooter should be kept for a short commute
  • Heavy, can’t be carried easily
  • You can’t adjust handlebar height, a concern for short people

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7. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Pro

If you are bored with regular electric scooters and need something different yet reliable, the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Pro could be a suitable option. With a vintage design and a larger area for the padded seat, it is as comfortable as it gets. It is a European style scooter that has lots of attractive features for power, performance, and comfort. It has a chain-driven electric motor that propels it to a top speed of 15 miles per hour. The chain-driven motors need periodic maintenance, so this is a factor you should consider.

The scooter is made for persons aged 13 years or older. The scooter can carry a maximum of 170 lbs of weight. The battery gives a rather average range of just 10 miles. It has a lead acid battery of 24V. Lead acid is less efficient than Lithium-ion batteries, but almost a standard on Razor electric scooters. So if you are planning to go far and explore your city, skip this one.

The Pocket Mod electric scooter not only has a comfortable seat, it also comes with large 12-inch pneumatic tires to provide optimal comfort. The steel frame is strong and anti-corrosive. The unique feature of Pocket Mod is under-seat storage. You can carry important documents or other items without any hassles. Battery charging time is a long 12 hours, but if you schedule it overnight, it won’t be much of an issue.

The Sweet Pea variant for girls also comes with a sport bell and handlebar streamers to make the scooter look peppier. There are six variants you can choose from. The scooter is mainly meant for kids but it can also fit adults who aren’t too big and weigh under 170 lbs.


  • Large seat
  • Underseat storage
  • Large pneumatic tires absorb shocks
  • Hand operated rear brake
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Great speed for the target age group
  • Multiple variants
  • Anti-corrosive steel frame


  • Long charging time
  • Chain driven motor needs maintenance
  • Vintage design not for everyone
  • A low range of 10 miles

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Now that you know the best options available, it is time to get clear on what you want. Choose wisely from affordability, performance, safety, looks, range, and comfort.

If you want something affordable, go for something like the Hiboy S2 or Razor E300s. Both electric scooters have balanced features and offer enough power and performance.

If you want something high-end, give serious consideration to the Nanrobot D5+ 2.0. Apart from some minor faults, it is an all-rounder and comes with a segment-best locking system including key fobs and a loud intruder alarm.

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