If you’ve been searching around for scooters (or just love them), you’ve probably come across Boosted.

Mainly, Boosted is known for its electric longboards and skateboards. Boosted decided to join the world of e-scooters around a year ago- an exciting move, which many have jumped on. Since then, their consumer scooters have become more and more popular.

The Rev, as it has been called, is a serious vehicle. It’s not like another consumer scooter. It’s designed to be durable, and tackle any terrain it comes across.

So, let’s take a deeper dive into The Rev, and what makes it so good. More importantly, we look into if the Boosted Rev is worth the money.

What is The Boosted Rev?

As we said, the Boosted Rev is a vehicle in its own right. It has a lifespan and durability that is truly unmatched.

It has been manufactured with technology and design at the forefront – making it perfect for a lot of different environments and uses.

It’s an electric scooter, which has been designed to work a little bit, well, better than other scooters. Below, we look into all aspects of the Boosted Rev – including design, sturdiness, and any extra features.


First things first, let’s dive into the appearance of The Rev. After all, you’ll be scootering around on this thing, often in busy cities.

That’s the thing about Boosted, they are always ahead of their time on design. While scooters might not be seen as the most alluring items, Boosted certainly changes this perception.

It features an aluminum frame, with a textured black finish. With grey tubing, the scooter inarguably has a sleek, modern design. It’s an acceptable item to run around the city, rural areas, or, basically, anywhere.

It does look rather chunky. Which, unfortunately for some, does mirror its weight.


The Rev Boosted comes in at about 46 pounds. You can see that it would be heavy, from the appearance. However, 46 pounds is quite tremendous.

So much so, some people may find the Boosted Rev to be difficult to carry. This has to be considered.

However, you may have to take this slight downfall on the chin. The Rev is different from other electric scooters – it’s designed to be bigger and better. It has to be accepted.

For example, it’s built to be thicker, wider, and padded. The wheels are larger, and every hub has its motor. Of course, the scooter also isn’t made of plastic, but rather metal – hence the weight.

If the weight of this scooter isn’t something that bothers you, it’s not a big deal.

Also, The Rev has a few features that make it easier to carry. Such as a folded down handlebar, which allows you to carry a scooter around like a suitcase.

There’s also a kickstand so you can stand it easily with no problem.


Don’t worry, the weight of this scooter doesn’t affect the speed. This scooter can reach up to 24 miles per hour. This is a decent speed, especially for electric scooters.

Of course, this might cause concern where the battery is concerned. Rest assured, you don’t have to worry. It has a 22-mile range battery, which holds up well.

This applies to when you’re making your way up inclines of around 25%. You only need to charge the scooter for around 3 hours. If you’ve been on electric scooters, you’ll also be aware of the regenerative braking – which works on this scooter.


Technology is one of the biggest selling points for the Rev Booster. It’s really impressive how much they’ve packed into it.


The LED screen is a massive help -showing your speed, battery life, headlights, and the ride mode that you’re in. There’s also a control panel that features one single button – a simple way to run and navigate your scooter.


It’s not complicated at all, but you can make it a little more technological if you like. Do this through their handy little app, here you can control the scooter’s settings.

Bluetooth is also available on this wonderful little vehicle.


Cruise control

Boosted’s other products feature this same feature, and it’s such a big selling point. Cruise control.


So, the Rev has three modes – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This gives you three different levels of speeds and acceleration. Cruise control is, in our opinion, a great safety feature. It also makes everything a little easier and less daunting.


Another great little feature of cruise control is the separate braking mechanisms. Just in case, they’re there and that’s a comforting thought. This is especially useful if you’re scootering around in the rain. Of course, The Rev is weatherproof, but it’s always nice to know they’re there when it’s wet.



The Rev has a nice little power option, which helps you go up and down all the hills you come across.


The Boosted Mini, as a comparison couldn’t quite hack this – but The Rev had a lot of power to spare.


In fact, you can reach 10mph on 20-degree hills – very impressive for an electric scooter.

Of course, the Rev does struggle on bad roads, like bumpy ones. However, this can always be accepted and we cannot criticize the scooter for this, realistically.


Remember, always check your speed on the screen – you might be a little shocked to see how fast you’re going.



There’s no denying it, the Rev is built like a machine. You can see this from it’s larger, bulkier appearance.


The frame is made of aluminum and is super high quality. While the bulky metal design might make it a little heavier, it makes it stronger.


This scooter will endure even harsh roads. There’s always a worry of breakdowns, brake failure, or wheels falling off.


The Rev will be much more forgiving, even on punishing terrains.


Bumpy roads

This scooter will glide over bumpy roads, with no cost to the scooter itself. This is a relief, especially for those living in areas that have trickier roads.


Other scooters can feel a little wobbly, and it’s always a little scary. You never feel like the Rev’s wheels will fall off or break. We believe this is due to the thicker wheels, which glide over rocks, bumps, and grooves.


Even potholes won’t make anything loosen, even when you’re going your fastest. This is extremely important, considering the scooter can reach such high speeds.


Is it city approved?

With all the above in mind, we can safely say that the Rev is city approved. Bumps, gravel, potholes and inclines are not a problem for this scooter. We would say that this is city approved.


This scooter can also make it up grassy hills, which is great for all. Even on roads that look a little tricky, the Rev can get out of it.


With the dual motors, you can get out of tight spaces and move quickly out of the way of any other vehicles. We’d even go as far as saying that this would be the perfect scooter for cities. It’s almost like it was designed for those kinds of spaces, making it perfect for commuting.


That brings us nicely onto our next point – the cost. This is a big factor when picking an electric scooter.


The Rev comes in at $1,599 – which is pricey for most people. Sure, it’s a little bit more expensive than other electric scooters.


Of course, there are ways to justify this big splash out – especially considering it’s such a premium, high-quality scooter. One that will stand the test of time.


Also, the Rev’s price tag is very similar to the price of a longboard, but of course, it’s safer and more efficient. Also, the Rev has been designed to be a vehicle, in other words, it’s your transportation. You’ll be paying less on your commute, or getting around in general.


This is especially true when you consider the longevity and durability of the scooter. The Rev is designed to last a lot longer, and need much fewer repairs. It does pay for itself, making it an investment piece.


Don’t worry, Boosted comes with financing plans, so you don’t have to fork out a big lump so on one go. We understand it might not be the one for everyone – especially those on a budget. You just have to decide if it’s worth it and if you’ll save money in the long run.


Should you get one?

If you’re looking for an alternative form of transport and will be using this for serious reasons.

With the price tag, it can’t be used as a little bit of fun – it should be an investment that will prove worthwhile. If this sounds like something you’re looking for, it is the perfect scooter.


Of course, this is also the best scooter for cities and other rough areas. It’s been designed to last – even with bad road conditions.


If you’re not elderly and want to find a great alternative to other forms of transport – this is the scooter for you. Given, of course, you can afford one.


The truth is, you will struggle to find a scooter that matches the durability and design of the Rev.

Take everything into consideration – even the weight and cost, and decide for yourself, if this is the scooter for you.


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