Best Electric Scooter for Adults: Pros & Cons, Buying Guide and Detailed Comparison

Walking is healthy. But not when you are getting late.

That is why electric scooters are useful. They allow you to navigate fast, when you want.

For those who like little adventures, electric scooters are a fun way to get some fresh air, go on a stroll around the city.

If you want to know the best electric scooters for adults, stay put. We reveal our best picks after an in-depth study of the market and corroborating research.

But before you learn about the best options, you must know the factors that determine the quality of an electric scooter.

Things to Look For in An Electric Scooter

Power – How much power the motor has determines the acceleration, top speed and pick up of your ride. Most budget scooters have 250W of power. But electric scooters like the Dualtron X can go up to nearly 6000W in power.

Suspension – This is one of the rare but important features in electric scooters. If your route consists of rough and bumpy terrain, an electric scooter with suspension will help you smoothly go over potholes and uneven patches on the road.

Lights – Ideally an electric scooter should have a white headlight and a red tail light for increased safety at night. If you ride at night, having lights on both front and rear is required to ensure a safe ride. You can also add lights to your helmet or your backpack for increased visibility.

Brakes – With great power comes great responsibility. In the case of electric scooter, with great power, comes the need to stop when required. Ideally, your scooter should have both front and rear brakes, with eABS (anti-lock braking system) to prevent skidding when brakes are applied. Brakes can be of various types: disc, electronic, mechanical/foot or drum.

Electronic brakes are usually the weakest, but there are some exceptions where they are solid quality. As a thumb rule, you should avoid a scooter which only has electronic brakes.

Mechanical or foot brakes allow you to stop the scooter by pressing the rear fender on the rear tire. This method is a bit better than electronic braking but isn’t the best you can get.

Drum brakes need low maintenance and work consistently even in wet conditions. But they are heavier than disc brakes. They are moderately strong and a bit hard to take apart when there is a need for repair.

Disc brakes have the best braking power and they weigh less than drum brakes. They aren’t available on medium range or budget scooters. You will only find them on high end scooters.

They are easier to take apart when there is a need for repair. They work well in both wet and dry conditions. They require more maintenance than other types of brakes.

Tires – Tires can be of two types: pneumatic (containing air) or non-pneumatic (airless). Airless tires don’t go flat, don’t need to be inflated regularly and are low on maintenance. On the other hand, pneumatic tires are better at absorbing shocks and bumps on the road. But they are prone to getting punctures and need maintenance.

The more the diameter of the tires, the better they can absorb shocks on the road. Tires are usually around 7.5 to 8.5 inches in diameter.

Seller – Where you buy from can be as important as what you buy. You can buy from Amazon, but make sure you check the return policy first. Some customers have complained about how companies give bad excuses (such as ‘fire hazard’) for not returning faulty scooters.

If you have any doubts, go to a good local seller such as Best Buy or Costco so that you can easily make a claim on the warranty, source spare parts and apply for repair when needed.

1. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

Glion Dolly Foldable electric scooter isn’t cheap to buy. It is one of the priciest scooters in the market. But it is on the top of our list for a reason. It is the perfect scooter for those who want to travel the last couple miles of their commute with comfort. You can avoid the crowded area of your office, park your car in a distant parking lot and let the Glion scooter cover the rest of your commute.

Source – CNet

Never be Boring

It is fast and fun. It has a top speed of up to 15 miles per hour and can go as far as 15 miles on a single charge. It comes with a front fork suspension which absorbs all shocks as you go over bumps.

Quick Unfold

You can fold it within seconds and carry it with you. Just fold the handlebars, press the release lever and slightly stomp on the silver pedal and it is ready to go. When you want to unfold it, the magnetic handlebar goes naturally back into place.

Stands Proud

Glion Dolly is the only scooter in the market, that we have tested, that stands vertically, on its own. This makes it easy to store it in your office or when you are on a public transport. It doesn’t tip over either since it has quite some weight.

Moves on Wheels

You can pull out its handle and drag it like a trolley bag. It has wheels on the bottom, although they are a bit small. So if you drag it along an uneven surface, such as a curb, it doesn’t stay upright. Again, this is a unique feature that makes Gilion Dolley an attractive option.

Bright Headlight

Most scooters don’t come with good headlights to use at night. They are too dim to be useful. But not with this one. The Glion Dolly comes with a legit headlight for those who want to use it in the dark. The headlight has enough power to let other vehicles know that you are coming. The scooter also comes with a built-in tail reflector to increase your visibility on the road.

The real beauty of a product comes out from tiny details. When it comes to Glion Dolly Electric Scooter, the fenders are the little detail we like. They make this scooter look premium and prevent water from splashing over you in rain. It comes with a small kickstand that doesn’t hinder your ride and is quite comfortable to use.

There are things you should know before you buy this scooter. The scooter isn’t exactly lightweight. Depending on how strong you are physically, it may still take considerable effort to drag it on its wheels. It weighs a solid 28 lbs.

It isn’t among the fastest scooters in the market with a top speed of just 15 miles per hour. It gives you a decent range of 15 miles, as per the company’s claims. But our tests indicated that you may get 3-4 miles less in reality. Unlike other scooters, it doesn’t have a suspension to absorb the shock from the potholes. Moreover, the rear electric brake isn’t strong enough and there is no other brake. The handlebars aren’t comfortable and there is no cruise control either.


  • Can stand on its own
  • Folds and unfolds fast
  • Has wheels, can be moved like a trolley
  • Headlight is bright
  • Fenders and kickstand give a nice finish
  • Front wheel spokes can be used to lock the scooter


  • Rear brake is the only one, and it isn’t good enough
  • No suspension to smoothen the ride
  • Top speed is just 15 mph
  • Handlebars aren’t cushioned
  • No cruise control
  • Doesn’t absorb bumps well

Buy on Amazon: Glion Foldable Lightweight Electric-Scooter

2. Xiaomi Mijia M365

Xiaomi Mijia M365 is one of the most popular scooters in the market. People buy it for a simple reason – it offers great value for money. The scooter is a great mid-range scooter for those looking to use it daily or want a scooter that will last. It not only looks great but has many impressive features as well.

The frame has an anti-corrosion coating on it and the pedalboard is curved for maximum comfort. The design element that stands out is its smooth contours flowing from the handlebars to the deck and below.

electric scooter for adults

The handlebar will instantly grab your attention – for the right reasons. It has a 4-LED battery level reader, a power button, a pedestrian bell and 1.1W headlights that throw light up to six meters ahead. The rear fender has a LED light to increase visibility and let other drivers on the road know that you are riding ahead.

Smart Scooter

The unique feature of Xiaomi M365 scooter is that it can be paired with a smartphone app from the company to give you important stats. Connect the app via Bluetooth and it will show you the current speed, average speed, battery charge left and mileage. You can also switch on cruise-control from the app and when you are away, you can lock the software on e-scooter so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


No Suspension

The M265 electric scooter doesn’t have suspension. But it has 8.5-inch big pneumatic tires to absorb the light bumps on your ride. They don’t do the job of the suspension and can’t protect you from bumping over potholes or large debris. The scooter weighs 26.9 lbs which means you can carry it over small distances.

Good Performance

The scooter houses a 250W motor and goes up to a top speed of 15.5 mph. According to the company, the scooter offers a range of 18.6 miles, which is not bad at all. There is an electric brake for the front and disc brake for the rear wheel. You can even control the brake intensity.


  • Award-winning, sleek Design
  • Value for money
  • Rear and front brakes
  • eABS for road safety
  • Good range
  • Pairs with smartphone app for stats
  • Tail lights for braking
  • Quality headlights
  • Multiple speed modes


  • No suspension
  • Handlebars aren’t height-adjustable, problematic for people with over 6’ height.

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4. Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter

The Macwheel MX1 is a powerful electric scooter in its segment. It offers significantly more power than its competitors, with a 350-watt motor. A more powerful motor allows you to ride over obstacles swiftly. The top speed is 15.6 mph. The scooter has a range of 18.6 miles and weighs 28 lbs. The powerful battery gives long range and can be charged within five hours.

The 8.5 inch tires are non-pneumatic, which means you won’t have to inflate them with air regularly. They will need less maintenance. You don’t need to worry about punctures either. Since the tires are 8.5’ large, they can absorb tiny bumps on the road pretty well.

The scooter has a hill grade of 14 degrees. It has a disc brake on the rear wheels and e-ABS, or anti-skid, brakes on the front. ABS, i.e., anti-lock braking system allows for safety on the road as your wheels won’t skid if you press the brakes. The scooter can be folded within three seconds and it is compact enough to fit under your desk.

The handlebar has a button, which can be used to turn on the headlight or switch between the three speed modes that it offers. You can drive in three speed modes: 8 kmph, 15 kmph and 25 kmph. While most scooters carry a person weighing up to 220 lbs or 100 kg, the Macwheel MX1 carries people weighing up to 256 lbs or 116 kg.

The company offers a one-year limited warranty for any defects in workmanship or other defects under normal use. You can avail addition 90-day warranty by registering on their website.


  • 350 W motor gives better pick up and acceleration than competitors
  • Brakes on both rear and front wheels
  • eABS for road safety
  • Large tires to absorb bumps
  • Air-free tires don’t require inflation or regular maintenance
  • Long range of 18.6 miles
  • Comes with one-year limited warranty
  • Carries more weight than other scooters
  • Good customer service


  • Light and indicator box on the handlebar seems flimsy, but overall the scooter is solid
  • No anti-theft feature, although understandable at this price point
  • Charging adapter isn’t reliable, but customer service is

Buy here:

5. Unagi Model One E450

If you want a high-end scooter that packs a lot of punch, look no further than the Unagi E450. The Unagi Model one comes in two versions: single motor E250 and dual motor E450. Even though this electric scooter is expensive, the company offers a 30-day, no questions asked, return policy.

There are three riding modes: beginner at 9.3 mph speed cap, intermediate at 12.4 mph speed cap and advanced at 15.5 mph speed cap. On the handlebar, there is a sleek digital display that shows you your current speed, speed mode and remaining battery life. The handlebar – including the display, ergonomic throttle, brake controls and rubberized grips – feels premium. The handlebar grips are made of premium silicon rubber and have elliptical, tapered contours that make them ergonomic.

Needless to say, the scooter is made from premium materials. The handlebars are made from magnesium, the stem is carbon fiber and the deck is made from machined aluminum along with embedded silicon. The wheels aren’t the largest, with a diameter of just 7.5 inches. You need to be careful or your ride will be bumpy and rough.

The Unagi E450 has two forward-facing LEDs that consume 1.8W combined and give 47 lumens of white light. Although this is decent, there are as many as 16x stronger lights available in the market for those who routinely ride at night. The tires are airless that require little maintenance and prevent flats.

When it comes to braking, the premium scooter has dual electronics brakes, for both front and rear wheels and an additional foot brake on the rear. Electronics brakes work by shorting the terminals of the motor and reducing motor rotation. Since electronic brakes work only when the power is on, the foot brake provides redundant safety. The scooter is IP54 water resistant, which means the scooter can take splashes, but can’t be submerged.

Although the company claims a range of 16 miles, our tests showed that it can go up to 9 miles on full charge during regular city commute.

One gripe we have with this scooter is a lack of suspension. Although it cuts down on weight and maintenance, you would expect more from a high-end scooter. That said, the Unagi Model One isn’t fit for rough terrains.


  • Premium build quality
  • Sleek display on the handlebars
  • Extensive braking setup: dual electronic, rear foot brakes
  • Three speed modes: beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • 30-day return policy with no questions asked, no risk
  • One year warranty


  • No suspension even at a high price point
  • Wheels are just 7.5 inches, less than those in budget scooters
  • Not suited for rough terrain
  • Range less than what is advertised

Official link:

6. Ninebot E64 by Segway, Long Range Scooter

Another premium scooter, the Ninebot Segway E64 boasts of an astonishing 800 watts of power. It has a record top speed of 19 miles per hour and a range of up to 28 miles. The scooter’s long range is a result of the dual batteries packed on this little beast. These are the highest stats we have seen in all our tests, so hold tight for this one, because this isn’t your average scooter.

Source – Segway

The first outstanding feature of E64 is that it can go up to a staggering 28 miles since the E64 model has the battery upgrade option. The scooter is built from hard aluminum alloy. The entire body feels firm and durable. It weighs 30.9 lbs or 14kg, a bit more than what most electric scooters weigh. But don’t worry, you can fold it at the touch of a button. Press the button and it is ready to be stored under your desk or in your trunk. You get rear and front LED lights to stay visible in the dark.

It has both electrical and mechanical brakes for optimal road safety. The handlebars have rubber grips, which are easy to clean and feel premium. We were disappointed to see no suspension in the high-end Unagi E450, but Ninebot Segway E64 knows what its customers want. It has front and rear absorption springs right above the tires. They help absorb medium level bumps and smoothen your ride.

Source –

It pairs with the company’s smartphone app for a better quality ride. You can lock the E64 with an anti-theft feature, control lighting, speed and cruise control, get scooter condition diagnostics, compare your riding stats with other riders and learn how to better ride the scooter.

The weight capacity of the Ninebot Segway E64 is 220 lbs, which is what budget scooters also offer. However, the powerful motor makes up for it and can pull heavier adults as well.


  • Up to 800 watts of power
  • LED lights for visibility
  • Premium build
  • One button scooter folding capability
  • High speed, long range
  • Both electrical and mechanical brakes
  • Pairs with smartphone app to show stats
  • Dual batteries for long use per charge


  • Poor customer reviews despite premium features
  • Average weight capacity

7. Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Powered by a 200w motor and a slick design, Razor E300 is meant for adults and teenagers. Razor is a seasoned manufacturer of electric scooters and it has many interesting products in its lineup for a variety of customers. The E300 is a no-frills scooter for people starting out in the personal electric vehicle world.

The Razor E300 is reasonably fast with a top speed of 15 mph. It can carry people weighing up to 220 lbs. Assembling the E300 scooter is a breeze and can be done in a couple of minutes.

Inside the Razor E300

The scooter is built from tubular steel and you can see the wires hanging loose from the handlebars and brakes, going beneath the deck. We would have liked the wires to be hidden, but it is not a big deal. There are two lead acid batteries inside the deck. The deck itself stands on two pneumatic tires.

Source – CNET

No Frills, But Details Matter

Although the design of the Razor E300 electric scooter is rather basic, there are some details worth noting. The rear wheel is covered with brushed steel shell that looks solid and gives you a comfortable place to rest your foot. With such little details, you will have a comfortable ride whether you want to take it outdoors for leisure or commuting every day.

No Charge Indicator

The major drawback of Razor E300 electric scooter is that it lacks a charge indicator. When you are out and about, there is no way to make sure that the battery is charged. You cannot tell at any point during your ride how much charge is left. The only thing that helps with this is the company’s specifications that state that it can go for about forty minutes on a single charge.

There are other drawbacks too, such as no reflector or integrated LEDs to ensure safety in the dark. There is no place or hole to hook a bicycle lock. The lead acid batteries also have a burning aroma that is easily noticeable.


  • A few details make it look solid
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Good for beginners
  • Fat tires for comfy ride


  • No battery charge indicator
  • Too basic
  • No LEDs or reflector lights
  • No lock or place to hook a bicycle lock – red flag for safety

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Electric scooters can bring convenience and fun in your life. Whether you want to reduce the time of your commute, get some fresh air or explore the areas around your city – electric scooters can be exactly what you need.

Using this guide will help you find the right one for you. Once you know how you will be using the scooter – short range or long range, daily vs occasionally, during the day vs night – you can pick the right one.


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