Not all of us are supermodel skinny or have the finely tuned body of a Greek Adonis. Some of us are average, and some of us are a little on the bigger side. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all ride an electric scooter.

However, if you are a bit on the bigger size than initially planned and if you are a bit taller than the ‘average’ person, you might be asking yourself is the electric scooter for you?

And if so, which one should I get?

After all, there are things to consider for a bigger person.

  • Wear and tear of the scooter
  • Is brake power sufficient?
  • Overall build quality
  • Can I stand on the deck comfortably?
  • What type of tires does it ride on?
  • Is the suspension good enough?
  • Is the steering rack long enough for tall people?

Don’t worry we have the answer to all your questions.

With electric scooters becoming more and more popular, there are some fantastic choices available to suit all shapes and sizes. So with that in mind, let’s take you through what we think are some of the best electric scooter options available for bigger guys and gals. With each scooter, we have tried to give you an understanding of their comfort, speed, and likely range along with their various safety features.

However, before we take a look, there are some pretty important considerations for you to keep in mind and things for you to look out for before choosing the scooter that’s right for you.

Weight Limits

Since we’re all about scooters for bigger people, one of the most important things for you to look out for is the weight limit of the scooter. For example, if you weigh around 200 pounds, then a weight limit of say 220 or 230 pounds would be ideal for you.

Whatever your weight, try to go for a scooter that can hold more than just you, generally the more weight the scooter can hold, the better it will perform.

Battery life


It’s really handy if the scooter you choose comes with a battery backup – like a spare power bank or an extra battery. Remember that most electric scooters cannot go very far on a single charge, and pushing your scooter home because you ran out of charge is never going to be fun.

 Motor & Power

Look for an electric scooter that has a lot of power and a strong motor. Remember, the better the motor, the faster the scooter will go, the more weight it can handle, and the further it can travel.


If you’re a bigger person, you’ll need a scooter that can support you. So look for a frame made from robust stainless steel or at least steel. Regarding a seat, whether you need one is totally up to you. Either way, if you are on the heavy side, you do need something rated for a high level of durability.


All of the scooters we are suggesting are great for when you’re out and about. But remember you do need to stop and sometimes in a hurry. There are several braking systems to choose from, including hydraulic with ABS and standard disc brakes, so choose the one that best suits your riding needs.

Suspension and Tires

Performance matters, and so does comfort, so make sure you select a scooter with either front and rear-wheel suspension or as a minimum comes with shocks fitted on either wheel. Also, because you’re a bit on the bigger size, perhaps look at a scooter that comes with large pneumatic (air-filled) tires as these will play an essential role in your ride comfort on or off the road.

electric scooters for heavy adults

Locking Systems

Your electric scooter won’t come cheap. So ensure it has a proper security deterrent to protect against theft. Look for locking options such as a key fob, key ignition, locking via a smartphone app, or a heavy-duty U-Lock with a double loop flexible steel cord.

Safety Gear

Just because you’re a bit on the big size that doesn’t mean that car drivers or pedestrians are going to see you coming – it only takes a second for you to be off and for somebody to be asking “if you’re okay.” Riding at top speed through traffic is not for the faint-hearted. So safety gear, including a bell, lights, and most importantly, a helmet is absolutely vital for safe riding, and don’t worry; there are plenty of different helmets to choose from so you can still look cool.

Electric scooters for heavy adults

Now that we have covered off what to look for when buying your electric scooter let’s take an insight into several options that are ideal for larger people, starting with the;

1. QIEWA Q POWER – Max Load 550lbs

Power & Performance

Hold on tight because even with a massive weight load of 550lbs, the Qiewa Q Power packs an enormous punch. Capable of a breathtaking 56 mph, it’s got as much acceleration, hill climbing, and stopping power than some of the nastiest scooters around. You should consider the Q Power more for weekend recreational trips and off-road exploring as opposed to your daily commuter ride.

Ride & Safety

The giant 1560 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack delivers a range of around 35 miles. And to make sure you stay safe, the Q Power has loads of features, including massive pneumatic off-road tires that will roll over any obstacle you’ll encounter without a second glance.

The front spring suspension and rear coil-over-hydraulic suspension plus fully-hydraulic disc brakes make sure you stay fully in control when it comes to stopping all this power.

And for night time riding, the Q Power comes with high powered front LED headlights and soft glow red tail lights.


Like you would expect from a machine of this caliber – it’s no lightweight, stacking up at 81lbs, so not particularly portable. Loading it into a car will take a little help, and if you need to carry the machine regularly, then perhaps, you might want to consider looking at something a little lighter.

Easy Folding

Thanks to its telescoping stem, folding handlebars, and a folding stem, the Q Power does fold down easily, which helps to make it quite compact, easy for carrying and storage compared to a lot of other machines.

The alternative

If you like the sound of the Q Power but think it might be a little too pricey and too much power. Then check out its sister, the Qiewa Q1 Hummer. It’s very similar in build quality but without the high performance and is a great affordable entry-level electric scooter.

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2. OUTSTORM MAXX  – Max Load 385lbs.


Power & Performance

Capable of chewing up a massive 60 miles on a single charge and with a top speed 56 mph the super-fast Outstorm Maxx was born to run.

This machine will get you wherever you want to go in the blink of an eye. Based on power, speed, and rider comfort: it starts with two mega 1600-watt  brushless DC fission motors that are powered by a waterproof 60V 26AH LG battery, which takes around 5-7 hours to complete a full charge.

The Maxx is packed with a host of features, including cruise control. So not only is it ideal for everyday street commuting it’s also the perfect weekend off-road electric scooter.

Ride & Safety

To make sure you’re in for a smooth ride over any terrain, the Maxx features high impact PU suspension coupled with two 3.5″ x 11″ pneumatic tires fitted with enhanced shock absorption and an impressive C-shape front damping system.

Need to stop in a hurry – no problem. For enhanced drive control, the Maxx is fitted with a powerful regenerative charging electronic braking system.

For late late-night riding, it comes fitted with super a bright LED headlight and two rear brake explosion-flashing lights to make sure you can see and be-seen.

 Load & Weight

With a maximum load capacity of 385lbs, it’s perfect for the bigger guys – this electric scooter will easily stand up to the harshest of elements like water and road debris. But even with a foldable aluminum frame, it still weighs in at nearly 102lbs putting the Maxx very firmly in the super heavyweight class.

Take a seat

If seating is the way you like to ride, then the Maxx offers a quick-release seat option for exceptionally rider comfort.

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Outstorm Maxx Electric Scooter

3. Zero 10X High-Performance Scooter – Max Load 331lbs

The Zero 10X is the highest performance electric scooter from Falcon PEV, designed for both on and off-road, this beast was built with the heavy rider in mind.

Thanks to the dual 1000W brushless DC motors, this scooter has more power, top speed, and range than you’ll likely ever need and even with a full load of 331lbs, it still achieves a top speed of 40mph along with a massive range of 68 miles.

Ride & Safety

The cockpit is simple, functional, and well-designed. To keep you fully in control the easy to read LCD display features speed, odometer, mode, and battery readout.

Tires & Brakes

Dual disc brakes control the Zero 10X monstrous 10″ diameter pneumatic inner-tube tires while rear coil-over-air shocks soak up any rough terrain; you throw at it. Together they provide excellent ride quality and contribute immensely to the stable feeling offered by this scooter.


While the 10X does come with deck-mounted front and rear lights, their low-mounted position is not ideal. For serious night riding, it’s recommended more powerful lights are fitted higher on the scooter.


Coming in at 77 lbs, the Zero 10X is no lightweight. You aren’t going to throw this into the back of your car, take it on the bus, or carry it up multiple flights of stairs. However, to make life a little easier, the stem does collapse down to reduce the profile of the scooter, but it is still pretty big and does not lock in place.

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Zero 10X Electric Scooter

4. NANROBOT D5+ – Max Load 330lbs

The Nanrobot D5+ is the perfect electric scooter; for bigger riders, the super-wide deck easily accommodates up to 330lbs. And with two stonking 1000w dual motors, this ‘bad boy’ roars up to 30mph in under seven seconds.

Power & Performance

The D5+ was designed for people who are in a hurry, have places to go and people to see not for Sunday afternoon riders. Capable of a top speed of 40mph – it outperforms many small electric cars.

Battery & Weight

While the impressive battery power does allow for a range of approximately 40 miles, it comes at a cost. The D5+ comes in at a meaty 66Lbs – so unless you’re a regular at the gym, it might be best to have storage facilities for this machine.


So it might not be the lightest machine, but it more than makes up for this with finishes and accessories. It’s got just about everything you’ll ever need for safe riding. Take for example the brakes, when it comes to slowing down or stopping in a hurry, it’s no problem for the D5+ dual disc and electric brake combination.

Tires, Suspension & Controls


The mega 10″ tires and dual suspension make short work of smoothing out any bumps in the road. While the comprehensive range of user-friendly controls is all within easy reach on the handlebars.


When the sun goes down, you can ride safely as the D5+ is equipped with turning signals, powerful LED front lights, rear corners, and deck lights – making sure you can be seen from all angles.


Security & Alarm

For peace of mind and added security, the D5+ comes with an ultra-loud alarm system and wireless keyfobs for arming/disarming the scooter. When you’ve parked up and armed the alarm, the slightest movement or even touch will set off the alarm. Combined with the keyed battery cut-off, it makes it secure to park in public. However, for maximum security, you should also think about investing in a heavy-duty lock to secure your machine.

Daily commute

As a word of caution, the D5+ is not for the faint-hearted and can be tricky to handle, so if you think this could be your daily ‘wip,’ you might consider some riding practice before you start commuting daily.

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Nanrobot D5+ Electric Scooter


5. SWAGGER 5T – High-Speed Electric Scooter –    Max Load 320lbs

The Swagger 5T from Swagertron is the total evolution of the electric smart scooter. The S5T features a powerful motor, app integration, and lightweight folding design, making it a super sleek, elegant solution for your daily commute.

Performance & Maneuverability

With a top speed of 18mph and a 36V lithium-ion battery that delivers a reach of up to 11 miles with a single charge of just 3.5 hours. The S5T is a no-nonsense scooter that will get you where you need to be with time to spare.

Smooth controls and effortless maneuverability of the S5T allow you to easily switch between speeds for an easy commute through city traffic, people, or cars. The three different speed modes give you the versatility to customize your ride speed depending on your needs.


For added riding comfort, the 8.5-inch wheels with unique low maintenance airless honeycomb tires let you glide over even the roughest of grounds.


The handlebar has a bike-like hand-brake and acceleration lever. Plus, a bar-mounted LED display provides you with a clear view of speed, battery life, and headlight status. Also, on the handlebar is a phone-mount, which makes it easier and safer to check your phone rather than trying to drive single-handed to do so.


Braking & Lights

The ABS e-brakes or rear disc brake keeps you safely in control while the ultra-bright LED headlight and rear reflectors help keep you visible when the day ends before your ride does.


Built from aluminum, the S5T is a sturdy, high-quality lightweight machine that supports a heavier rider up to 320lbs. S5T weighs in at just 26 lbs, so carrying it up or downstairs shouldn’t be an issue.

 Smartphone App

The Swagger smart app makes it easy to stay connected and lets you switch riding modes, activate the cruise control, select your speed, plan your route with GPS or control the headlight and, a load more.


Then when your journey ends, the lightweight aluminum frame quickly folds down for easy storage in your car or any closet space at home or the office. While the Anti-Theft Lock keeps your wheels safe once you arrive.

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Swagger 5T Electric Scooter

6. EMOVE Touring – Max Load 308lbs.

If you are looking for a powerful and portable electric scooter with a maximum rider weight capacity of 308 lbs, then the EMOVE Touring is a perfect ride for you.

With a 21 AH 500W battery that powers the rear brushless motor, you can expect a super impressive range of 37 miles on a single charge of 3-4 hours and a top speed of up to 25mph. Making the EMOVE ideally suited for long-distance riding or daily commuting.

Ride & Safety

The EMOVE boasts a host of built-in safety features all created to give you the perfect ride. An integrated LCD screen keeps you fully updated with regards to your speed, battery life, distance, and more. While the large deck makes sure you ride in total comfort and if standing up is not your thing then the  EMOVE can be fitted with a quick-release seat.


While the 8″ pneumatic tires and front internal suspension lets you tackle everything from cracked pavements to light terrain with ease, when it comes to stopping, the drum brakes will keep you firmly in control.


For safe night time riding, the EMOVE has powerful LED front and rear lights to make sure you can see and be-seen. And to ensure the perfect individual ride, you can adjust the handlebar height to match your comfort level.


To make it more comfortable when carrying the EMOVE the handlebars fold down for better portability and with a lightweight frame of 30lbs, it should be no problem fitting the EMOVE in your car or on taking it on the bus or train.

For more information

Emove Touring Electric Scooter

7. XIAOMI M365 ELECTRIC SCOOTER – Max Load 220lbs


Awarded “Best of the Best” Red Dot award, the ultra-sleek modern art form of the Mi Electric Scooter is so forward-thinking in its design you can’t help but be inspired to ride it.


Crafted for ultimate simplicity the frame, components, and accessories are all developed for usability and rider comfort as their top priority.


With the Mi life is simple, a single press of a button you’re in total control and ready to roll. Single press to switch on, long press to shut down. A short single press will switch headlights on/off, double press to switch between normal and power-saving modes.

When you need to apply power, give the accelerator a gentle downward push, and then adjust the amount of pressure until you reach a comfortable speed – it really doesn’t get any easier?


The Xiaomi Mi M365 is an ideal scooter for your daily commute. It has a range of nearly 19 miles from one single charge and offers a top speed of around 16mph.

Rideability & Tires

The sizable 8.5-inch front and rear tires have excellent shock absorption and anti-slip treads ensure total rideability and comfort. While the 250W brushless DC motor offers a stable power output to deliver a super smooth riding experience.

Braking & Lights

‘Safety first’ is paramount in the design of the Xiaomi Mi, which is demonstrated in several ways.

The front and rear double braking system is a combination of disc braking and eABS regenerative anti-lock braking, ensuring you have controlled, efficient, responsive braking every time.

And while headlights are essential for safe night riding, not all scooters come fitted with them but not so the M365, the ultra-bright lights give you a range of up to 6 meters, letting you spot any obstacles in your way and the rear Red tail light flashes distinctly when braking as a warning to other pedestrians and road users.



Everything fits onto a sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum frame that takes a rider weight of 220lbs – which makes it one of the lighter load bearing scooters, and with a total scooter weight of just under 27lbs, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is the ideal size and weight for carry-ons and for maneuvering on stairs.

Storage & Folding

When it comes to folding down your scooter, it’s just flip, fold and clip and within seconds your scooter is compact, secure and ready for storing in your car, home or under the desk.

Smartphone App

Your smartphone is your dashboard by pairing your scooter via Bluetooth, you can use the app to view current speed, remaining battery power, and other real-time riding data. Firmware updates ensure that you always have the best everyday commuting experience possible.

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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

The last word

In the fun world of riding electric scooters, size really doesn’t matter; there is something to fit all shapes and sizes. Just because you’re on the bigger size, there’s no reason why you can’t find the ideal machine that’s perfect for whizzing in and out of traffic during your daily commute, cruising with your boys at the weekends or living the urban lifestyle.

The list we compiled features just some of the most popular electric scooters available for heavy adults. But there are plenty more to choose from, just make sure the scooter you choose is right for your size and your lifestyle.

And remember just because you’re a bigger guy or girl, there is absolutely no reason why you should miss out on all the fun.

Safe riding and take care.


While the 8″ pneumatic tires and dual front spring suspension lets you tackle everything from cracked pavements to light terrain with ease, when it comes to stopping, the drum brakes will keep you firmly in control.


For safe night time riding, the EMOVE has powerful and bright LED front and rear lights to make sure you can see and be-seen. And to ensure the perfect individual ride, you can adjust the handlebar height to match your comfort level.


For more comfortable carrying the handlebars fold down for better portability and with a lightweight frame of 30lbs – which folds in under 3 seconds, it should be no problem fitting the EMOVE in your car or on taking it anywhere including on the bus or train.

Electric Scooters