Electric scooters are great fun for cruising around town, or for daily commuting to and from work. However, if you want to march to the beat of a completely different drum, then you should consider off-road riding.

What makes Off-Road Electric Scooters different?

We’re talking a whole new ball game, a completely different rider experience; one that’s all about getting the blood pumping, and the heart racing. These ‘bad boys’ are designed to chew through rough ground and ‘rip up’ all manner of unforgiving terrain in the blink of an eye.

An off-road electric scooter is super versatile, as a result, you might have to pay a little more, but you’ll get what you pay for. These machines are larger, stronger, weigh considerably more, have a much longer range and deliver some serious top speeds. In addition, they’re more comfortable than many of the standard models that you usually see in the city.

Explore the Great Outdoors

There are so many reasons you can consider buying an off-road electric scooter. Not only are they great fun, but they’re also a fantastic way to get out with friends, and explore the great outdoors.

Things to Consider

Before we take you through some of the best off-road electric scooters options currently available, there are many key factors you need to consider before you place the order.


First off, you need to consider the physical weight of the scooter. The majority of off-road scooters all sit firmly in the heavyweight class, they can range anywhere from between 50 and 60lbs to well over 100lbs. As a consequence, you need to feel confident that you can handle and maneuver this sort of weight without it becoming a problem.


Off-road scooters are capable of some amazing top speeds. This would be scary enough on flat, even surfaces, but when you’re roaring across the country hitting all manner of debris, with dust, and gravel flying up and around, it’s all going to get a little nerve-jangling. So select a scooter that allows you to drive without it being a danger to you or other road users.

off-road electric scooter

Choosing the right size

If choosing the right size scooter for your height and weight is essential when buying a daily commuter scooter, it’s critical when it comes to choosing an off-road scooter.

High-speed off-roading is about speed, power, maneuverability, and prompt reactions. It is about being able to shift your balance and redistribute your weight in an instant while all the time being comfortable.

So, when it comes to selecting the right size scooter, there are a couple of things that you need to pay particular attention to.

●     Handlebars – Typically when it comes to daily commuting, riders stand tall on the deck, but for off-road riding, you tend to be in a more crouched position. So go over the bars, too high you’ll have difficulty controlling the ride, too low and it’s a very uncomfortable experience.

●     The standing deck – As we mentioned earlier the key to successful off-road riding is all about balance and weight distribution. So, you need to look for a strong deck that’s both long enough, and wide enough for you to easily move around on.

Tires, Suspension, and Brakes

Usually, we would look at these three as separate issues, but when it comes to choosing an off-road scooter, they’re all very much connected.

●     Tires – Look for big chunky or knobby air-filled pneumatic tires, these will help to absorb the high impact shocks that come from riding over rough ground. And they will also give you extra grip whatever the weather conditions.

●     Suspension – Don’t even think about buying an off-road scooter that doesn’t have some form of suspension. There are many kinds of set up to choose from, including spring suspension with rear hydraulic shocks that work well together. Or perhaps dual-suspension above the front wheel, and in front of the rear wheel. Then there is the more expensive high impact PU suspension systems that come with enhanced shocks and front dampening.

●     Brakes – For an off-road electric scooter, you’re going to require some serious braking capability. While there are two or three systems to choose from, the best in our opinion are disc brakes, these have the most stopping power, and let you slow down smoothly while staying firmly in control, so they’re perfect high-performance off-road scooters.

Power and range

The power and range of an off-road electric scooter are going to be influenced by a combination of the motor and battery. Typically, most off-road scooters have dual power motors that deliver anywhere up 5000 watts, with Lithium-ion batteries that require a charging time of between 2-8 hours. Together, these can give you a top speed of anything up 50 mph, and a range of 70 miles on a single charge.

But be aware that there are a lot of factors that can decrease both the range and speed: your weight, heavy rough terrain, and even outside temperatures.

Consider the options

So now that we’ve covered off what you need to be looking for when choosing an off-road electric scooter, let’s take a look at some of the best options that let you roll in comfort, and style starting with the all-terrain Dualtron Ultra. Amazon has a very solid Range of Electric Scooters available.

1. The Dualtron Ultra  – All-terrain electric scooter

Power and Speed

In a class of its own, the Dualtron Ultra is the perfect heavy-duty all-terrain electric scooter. It features both front, and back hub motors that combine to deliver a total power of 5400w, and with a 1920Wh LG lithium-ion battery pack, you can expect top speeds of around 50mph and a reach of up to 80 miles on a single charge.

Smooth Ride

The giant chunky 11” pneumatic tires coupled with super-efficient double spring suspension, spacious wide deck, and large splash guards that help to keep the dirt away from you, lets you enjoy a super smooth ride even over the roughest roads or dirt tracks.


The ‘Ultra’ is a solid build with plenty of lights for safe night time riding, and it comes with a host of all-around features. Weighing in at around 82lbs, it’s not quite a lightweight but it easily folds together in seconds ready to throw it in the back of your truck.

For increased comfort, on those longer rides, you might want to check out the add-on seat option.

For more information

Check on Amazon: Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter

Other Dualtron Alternatives:


2. Nanrobot RS4 – The Powerhouse

Power and Speed

Capable of transporting up to 397lbs, the RS4 from Nanorobot is a powerhouse of an electric scooter. The super-strong 60V, 32.2Ah Lithium-ion battery along with the double motor system delivers a total of 3200W for a top speed of up to 45 miles per hour, and the ability to conquer hills as steep as 65 degrees. When it comes to range, depending on how unforgiving the terrain is, it’s between 30 and 55 miles.


The riding capabilities and features of the RS4 are insane, and you won’t suffer any problem riding this machine. It is equipped with all the things you might expect from a premium scooter, including both front and rear hydraulic disc brakes for more reliable braking, the grip from the 11-inch ‘knobby’ pneumatic off-road tires along with the two C-type suspension systems one in the front and one in the back provide a comfortable, extra smooth ride even over rocky terrain.

Easily Folds

However, it is a little on the heavy side at 88lbs, but you know this thing is built with quality materials and will handle whatever you throw at it, plus the scooter folds together quickly so that you can transport it more easily.

For more information

Check on Amazon: Nanrobot RS4 Electric Scooter

3. The Uberscoot 1600 – Super stylish with a punch

Power and Speed

The Uberscoot 1600 from EVO Powerboards, is a little different from all the other off-road scooters we’ve featured. With a range of just 12 miles, and a top speed of only 20 mph, you might think it’s not up to the business. But don’t let that fool you, the Uberscoot packs a wicked punch, and is super stylish.

Fast Acceleration

Even with a maximum rider load of 265lbs, four 12-volt batteries power a 1600-watt chain motor to deliver rocket-like acceleration. Still, if you want to sacrifice acceleration for range, you can activate the ‘Economy Mode’, this handy feature partially restricts the scooter’s acceleration along with the top speed to get the added range out of the battery.


An advanced front ‘Cam-Link’ suspension and adjustable rear twin-shock suspension system, together with front and rear disc brakes, and 11″ pneumatic knobby off-road tires let you confidently tackle the harshest of environments.

Sit or Stand

Other neat features of the mighty Uberscoot 1600 include a quick-release seat, with a folding scooter feature so that you can easily pack it away. Plus it’s fitted with front, and rear lights, keeping your midnight rides well illuminated.

Buy on Amazon: Uberscoot 1600 watt

4. The Wolf Warrior II – One Scary Beast

Power and Speed

If the Uberscoot is all about style, then the Wolf Warrior is all about being scary, this is one bad ‘mother’ of an electric scooter. Designed for the ultimate off-road experience, the Wolf, achieves a terrifying 0-15mph in 1.8 seconds, making it one of the fastest, and powerful electric scooters currently available.

Amazing Range

The two 1200 watt hub motors, unleash a staggering 5400watts of raw power to deliver a mind-blowing 50 mph, from a single charge, while the mighty 35Ah Lithium-ion battery lasts for a range of approximately 80 miles on the eco-mode setting, and still gives you more than enough range when you’re powering along at top speed.

Ride & Safety

Supersized chunky off-road 11″ pneumatic tires coupled with the unique suspension system and front shock absorbers, deliver ultra-comfortable trouble-free riding across all types of unforgiving terrain

The two-disc hydraulic brakes let you stop smoothly and safely, while the E-ABS system prevents the wheels from locking up, which is a necessity when it comes to stopping this ‘snarling beast’ in a hurry.

Not all about the power

But it’s not all about the power with this machine, along with powerhouse headlights, for perfect night time vision, the Wolf Warrior, is one of the few IPX4 waterproof certified electric scooters, which is excellent for when you’re off-roading in the rain, but just don’t let it get fully submerged.


This ‘bad boy’ comes in at 101lbs, so it’s certainly not ultra-portability, however, it does nevertheless fold down for easy transport to, and from your favorite off-road spots.

A Word of Caution

But a note of caution, the acceleration of the Wolf Warrior is beyond belief, you’re almost better to think of it as a ‘dirt bike’ rather than an electric scooter, so always gear up before you go out.

For more information: Wolf Warrior II Electric Scooter

5. The Qiewa Q Power – Not for beginners

Power and Speed

Capable of achieving 40mph in around 10 seconds, a top speed of 55 mph and a range of 55 miles, the unbelievably fast high-performance Q Power is not for off-road beginners.

Super Acceleration

For those who seek adventure, climb on, hang on, and adopt a wide stance, because the giant 1560 watt-hour Lithium-ion battery delivers more acceleration, hill climbing aggression, and stopping power than the majority of off-road scooters available, including the beastly Wolf Warrior.

Rider Comfort

Colossal 11″ pneumatic ‘knobby’ off-road tires do a tremendous job in helping to support the claimed 600lb rider weight load. The spring over hydraulic rear suspension with dual front spring suspension, and silky smooth braking activation of the electronic, and fully-hydraulic dual disc brakes, mean your rider comfort and stopping power on any type of terrain is never going to be in doubt.

Then when it comes to night time riding high powered front LED headlights, and red glow tail lights let you be seen and spot any obstacles or debris in your way.

Weight and Fold

As you would expect of a machine like the ‘Q Power’ – it’s no lightweight, stacking up at 81lbs; it’s not especially portable. However, the telescoping stem, folding handlebars, and folding stem, mean the Q Power does fold easily, but you do need to remove the seat (if fitted) for carrying, and storage.

Buy on Amazon Qiewa Q Power Electric Scooter

6. Razor RX200 – Ideal for young trailblazers


Made with younger trailblazers in mind, the retro-styled Razor RX200 is the perfect off-road electric scooter for ages 13 and above.


Powered by a 24v Lithium-ion battery, the specifically designed high-torque chain-driven motor lets you safely speed across gravel, and off-road dirt trails at a top speed of 12mph, for a continuous ride time of approximately 40 minutes.

Easy to Operate

Straightforward and easy to operate, the padded bicycle-style handlebars have a twist grip throttle to control the speed, and hand-operated brake lever controls the rear wheel disc brake system allowing for quick braking and sudden stops.

Ride and comfort

The powder-coated durable constructed steel fork and frame are painted ranger green to add to that off-road feel. The wide deck holds a maximum rider weight of 154lbs and is completely coated with non-skid material for rider safety, while the 8″ pneumatic, knobby tread, rubber tires mounted on alloy wheels give you traction, and the perfect off-road ride.

A little heavy

The Razor RX200 is a great introduction to off-road riding for children. But note that it is a little bulky, and heavy, weighing almost 50 pounds. It’s too much weight to push if the battery happens to go dead.

Buy on Amazon Razor RX200 Electric Scooter

7. WideWheel Dual – Takes on all types of terrain

As the name indicates, the Mercane WideWheel features ultra-wide, durable, solid tires, measuring 8″ x 4″ that delivers an ultimate off-road experience.

Designed to perfection

Styled in high-grade aluminum finish, the WideWheel Dual offers superior speed, range, style, and off-road riding whatever the terrain or weather conditions.

Power and Speed

The dual 500W motors deliver exceptional torque that allows you to go up pretty much any hill, while the front and rear-wheel drive gives you some crazy acceleration along with a top speed of 25 mph and a range of 20 miles.

Suspension and Braking

As with all off-road scooters, the braking, and suspension systems are extremely important, particularly when you are traveling at high speed on rough terrain or across the unforgiving countryside.

The WideWheel features front and rear suspension to dampen, and absorb the uneven ground, while the rear disc brake uses calipers to squeeze a pair of pads against a disc on the back wheel to create a friction that smoothly slows the scooter down.

Easy to Handle

Even with a weight of 50lbs, the unique styling and construction of the WideWheel means you can fold the handlebar post down to the deck, and both handles of the handlebar to make the scooter as compact as possible, making it super easy to chuck into your truck as you make your way to your off-road destination.

For more information – Check on Amazon: WideWheel Dual Electric Scooter

8. Mantis PRO – One of the Fastest

With an unrivaled build quality and a top speed of 40mph, the Mantis PRO is right up there with the fastest off-road scooters currently available.

Power and Range

Powered by a 24.5ah rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, the two 1000w 60v brushless hub motors, give you a long range of around 55 miles in Eco mode, or approximately 20 miles over rough uneven off-road terrain.

Smooth Ride

The dual mono-spring suspension, coupled with durable 10″ pneumatic tires, and a relatively high deck clearance, makes for a safe smooth ride both off-road, or along forest trails.

ABS Braking

Like the majority of high-performance scooters, the Mantis PRO utilizes full hydraulic disc brakes along with an advanced Electric -ABS; that stops the wheels from locking during braking, thus bringing the scooter to a controlled smooth stop.

Folding and Weight

Constructed from forged T6061 Aviation Grade Aluminum, which is the best option out there, and packed with a load of features, including two front and rear LED lights, and a LED strip that’ll make you visible during night rides, the Mantis PRO weighs in at only 65lbs, making it one of the lightest rides in its class.

Foldable and portable unlike many of the larger off-road scooters, the Mantis PRO has a rider weight load of 330lbs. But to achieve both the top speed and range, along with added safety and stability, 265lbs is a more realistic figure.

For more information – Check on Amazon: Mantis PRO Electric Scooter

 The Last word

While all the off-road electric scooters we’ve listed here will give you a great deal of fun, and will certainly get the adrenaline flowing, you do have to remember they’re not toys.

These machines are capable of some mind-blowing top speeds, and it doesn’t require much to put you into a ‘death wobble’ particularly on rough or uneven ground.

Stay Safe, Ride Safe

So be certain to choose the one, that you feel most comfortable with, and that matches both your riding experience and style. Also, make sure you’re always fully kitted out; helmets for scooters, gloves, and knee pads before you ride out.


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